What I offer

Yoga for everyone

To make yoga accessible to everyone you can find free video classes on my Facebook Group Yoga With Silvia.

If you feel to donate you can easily do it using PayPal.

Hatha Yoga classes

Hatha Yoga classes are complete of asanas and pranayama techniques. Yoga is not a workout, body and mind are connected and we will learn how to give energy to the body and calm the mind. Hatha yoga’s meaning in Sanskrit is sun and moon, the left side of our body and the right side, female and male, so our goal is to achieve balance in our body, soul and in our lifestyle.

Yin Yoga classes

Yin yoga puts pressure on the connective tissue and ligaments through holding passive postures, mostly on the floor, over a longer period of time. Holding poses in a more receptive way can also calm the nervous system, help us develop our meditation practice, and increase circulation of Prana or Qi through the energetic system of the body. It is inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine and works on the Meridians in our body.

I also offer

  • Private Classes on Zoom
  • Small group classes on Zoom (max 4 students)

For more information or to book your classes send me an email.

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